Specials and Promotions

We also do A LOT of training with our staff, new and experienced.

We are constantly honing our skills so make sure we have a current email address on our Mailing List so you can join in for our regular HALF PRICE WAXING training days and various other promotions.

We usually announce deals and promotions first on our Facebook page so join up to be the first to know facebook.com/Brazilicawax.

* Condition apply's for Mon - Fri from 10am to 4pm

  • - X -
    Extended Bikini Wax

    An introduction to extended waxing. Much briefer than a standard bikini wax; clippered plus sides waxed into the bottom.    $39

    X - Extended Bikini Wax
  • - XX -
    A True G String Wax

    The bikini is clippered, the sides are waxed around the labia & full bottom.  $49

    XX - A True G String Wax
  • - XXX -
    Traditional Brazilian Wax

    Bikini is clippered and waxed over the labia and full bottom. A strip or shape is left on the front; choose from a strip, triangle, love heart, diamond, teardrop or try our signature natural finish.    $59

    XXX - Traditional Brazilian Wax
  • - XXXX -
    All Off

    Absolutely every hair is removed.   $59

    XXXX - All Off
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