After Care Instructions

Brazilica’s Good Skin Mantra

  •   Moisturise twice daily with Tea Tree lotion.
  •   Exfoliate twice per week.


After waxing

  •   Do not work up a sweat, go to the gym or tan for 48 hours.
  •   Do change your bed sheets and bath towels.
  •   Do not have a hot bath or sauna for 48 hours.
  •   Do wear loose clothing, preferably natural, breathable fibres.
  •   Do not go swimming in a pool or the ocean for 48 hours.
  •   Do moisturise with Tea Tree Lotion twice daily for 5 days after your wax.
  •   Do not exfoliate for 7 days after your wax.


Ingrown Hair Issues

  •   Tea Tree, Tea Tree, Tea Tree!
  •   We love nursing problem skin back to health. Book in an Ingrown Removal session and we will remove your Ingrown Hairs and recommend the right after care advice especially for you.


Advice to ensure a Pain Free Wax

  •   We are all trained to use a particular technique to reduce the pain of waxing, however, these tips will also help:
  •   Book your appointments exactly 4 weeks apart.
  •   Moisturise regularly to soften skin and hair.
  •   Exfoliate gently the day before to open your pores.
  •   Arrive to your appointment calm and composed.
  •   Take a couple of pain relief tablets 20 minutes before your appointment.
  •   Have a hot shower or bath on the day to soften your skin.
  •   Talk to us! We will guide you through the process.


We use the following products

MIND Skincare

  • - X -
    Extended Bikini Wax

    An introduction to extended waxing. Much briefer than a standard bikini wax; clippered plus sides waxed into the bottom.    $39

    X - Extended Bikini Wax
  • - XX -
    A True G String Wax

    The bikini is clippered, the sides are waxed around the labia & full bottom.  $49

    XX - A True G String Wax
  • - XXX -
    Traditional Brazilian Wax

    Bikini is clippered and waxed over the labia and full bottom. A strip or shape is left on the front; choose from a strip, triangle, love heart, diamond, teardrop or try our signature natural finish.    $59

    XXX - Traditional Brazilian Wax
  • - XXXX -
    All Off

    Absolutely every hair is removed.   $59

    XXXX - All Off
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